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  • "I am writing to recommend your product, Ecocare Activator, to others who may have problems with their septic or leach drain. I purchased Activator 4 months ago as I had a problem with odour; a build up of fats; blockages in my seepage drains and wetness at the surface of my trench. I had been told by the plumber that it would cost me a fortune to replace my entire system. However, that is no longer necessary as the trench is now dry and running well – and the odours are gone. I could not speak more highly of Activator. We also love the product as a cleaner and use it for everything, from the bathroom to timber floors. It works out very economical. I am recommending Activator to all my neighbours, and would be happy to speak to anyone who has queries about how well Activator works."

    Russell Marsh Mudgee - NSW

  • "There are about 250 men on site and the septic was not handling the load so the waste was not breaking down. We were severely affected by a lot of odours, poor leaching... it was flowing through the system untouched and depositing in our pond. I introduced Insight Environmental's Activator and in a relatively short period of time the odours were completely eliminated…The waste is now being broken down completely inside the tank and  the leach drain area has been completely cleaned up..."

    David Fleming Elouera Colliery - NSW

  • "Ecocare Activator is an absolutely wonderful cleaning  product. We have use in the drains (toilet, shower, spar etc.), and it has been great. I have even used it on my stainless steal oven, stove sinks, benches, laminated benches and they have came up cleaner than any other product I have ever used. I have even cleaned the inside of our microwave completely with no problem, just sprayed the inside right through, waited then wiped out. I would be one very fussy person when it becomes to cleaning products. The best product and the only one in my house for cleaning! I just have my Spray bottle and cloth and it takes me 5 minutes for the kitchen and dining room etc , as for the house half to an hour for the whole house ( with a bucket and a mop). THANKYOU"

    Debbie Godfrey Rosedale - QLD 4674

  • "By using Insight Environmental’s products to unblock our drains and for general cleaning ...we pushed out the need for septic tanks to be pumped out by double to triple the normal period."

    Martin Blake, Maintenance Superintendent Mount Gordon Operations, Aditya Birla - QLD

  •  “As owners and directors of the plumbing and drainage company, Geelong Septic Tanks, we strongly recommend Insight Environmental’s products with all septic and sewerage and waste water treatment systems… It is the most efficient and cost effective way to maintain the systems that we install because it eliminates harmful disinfectants from working against the systems… We have many clients in the Geelong area that use these products and they are greatly appreciative of how clean and odour free the products  keep their homes, as well as how clean their treated water is for their gardens…”

    Joshua Gray Geelong Septic Tanks - VIC | Suppliers of Ecocare products since 2003

  • "This product has improved my septic system. The drains have also been cleaned out by the Ecocare Activator. Our tree roots seemed to have disappeared and our odour problem has gone. All this is helping my system. I live in a build up area so I am having no more problems with the neighbours. Thank you!"

    Fred Porter Glenrowan, VIC

  • “We use Insight Environmental’s products to maintain our septic systems in a healthy condition and no longer experience build up of waste or odour.  Ecocare products are also used to destroy odour and reduce the build-up of grease and fats in the sites grease traps…Using Ecocare products as a cleaner also makes the product particularly cost effective.  We can clean kitchen areas and toilet blocks and maintain our waste treatment systems with the same product…”

    John Holliday, Purchasing Officer Tuckabianna Gold - WA

  • “We sell Insight Environmental’s products to end users, such as Nursing Homes, who use it mainly for cleaning…We trialled the product against the competition and were amazed by the results... It is brilliant for cleaning - on the showers it is great for breaking down soap and fats, preventing blockages in pipes and drains…It neutralises the odour, rather than just masking it with a strong fragrance. …Insight Environmental have been a wonderful company to deal with and what started purely from a single telephone call has developed over the years into a really solid business relationship…You have provided terrific service and just knowing that I can just ring in and talk to somebody is just great. Other companies we’ve dealt with before did not always suit us…Another thing we always support and promote is the Australia-made and environmental aspects of your product…”

    Veronica West Dalkleen Hygiene Services - NSW

  • "Thanks for the container of activator much welcomed. There are still some good helpful people around the country. It is good to know that people in Western Australia think of people in Queensland. I feel very sorry for those people that lost their homes in the bush fires. I got the activator the same day I got the bill."  

    Marge Walther Lowood - QLD

  •  “We use Insight Environmental’s products here at our outdoor education was important for us to use products that would have minimal impact on the environment..The children mainly use Ecocare Activator with the spray bottles you provided us to clean their cabins and have found that the product cleans efficiently. More importantly, we are rest assured with the knowledge it is easy and safe for them to use.  We have been using your product for 14 years now and have been very satisfied with it...”

    Scott Downward, Head of Campus Caulfield Grammar School - VIC

  • "This is a great product. I have a kitchen sink that is lower than the rest of the house plumbing so it runs really slow. This of course makes it easy for smelly blockages. Activator is the only thing that makes it run at all. This is also a fantastic cleaner in the kitchen. It breaks down fat incredibly well. After 30 years of trying to find that one product that works well on stove tops, my pet hate, this is it. I honestly cannot live without Activator. I love it!"

    Donna Newman Lake King - WA

  •  “We are an integrated rural health service and have been using your products, for a while now and I can honestly say it is pretty good. We use it quite regularly, and now, we do not have the trouble of smells from the grease trap...Your consultants have been pleasant to deal with. When we ring you up to tell you we are running low, we get the product delivered really quickly. I can always count on you to ring us back at the right time, when you say you are going to ring back…”

    Andrew Evans, Maintenance Inglewood & Districts Health Service - VIC

  • "I have been using Activator for about 5 years and my appreciation has not waved at all. It is the only product that cleans the older aluminum frames, and its use is so universal. Since I started using activator the kitchen drains has not been blocked by fat build up and the septic tank lasts longer between emptying. I have introduced my family to Activators properties and they are also very pleased with its performance."

    Christina Dwyer Elleker - WA

  • “In my role as Senior Service Technician and Advisor at Wastewater Consultants Pty. Ltd, I am often in the position of servicing all different types of Aerated Water Treatment systems that may not be functioning well. I have recommended Insight Environmental’s products and have seen even the most neglected system turned around within little time. Even tanks that should have been pumped out have had an excellent result…The odour is usually nonexistent within 2-4 weeks. Regular weekly use according to the directions assists in breaking down the waste and helps keep pumps and filters in good order. It also Keeps sprinkler heads and irrigation lines clear and blockage free… and it is completely biodegradable; non-toxic for use in the home and safe to use on gardens.… We purchase large quantities of this product regularly and have always been very pleased with the results. It is a very useful wastewater management solution at a sensible price...”

    Michael Goddard, Senior Service Technician Wastewater Consultants - QLD

  • “I am very pleased with my purchase of Ecocare Activator. It is an excellent product for cleaning. When we first got it, I dosed our grease trap, drain and septic system to give the drains a good clean. Since then, I have been using Activator for almost everything... I have always been careful in what I use, so I do not get problems with the septic.. I own plenty of stainless steel equipment and it cleans stainless steel so beautifully. It also cleans the insides of my oven and my glass cooking stove really well. I found it great for spot-wiping, especially when I do not want to mop the floor. I have dogs so it is important that I use a cleaning product that is safe for them…. Ecocare Activator is very economical and one of my best buys ever..”

    Ingrid Romer Nanango - QLD 

  • “I have been using Insight Environmental’s products – since 1997 – which was when our Caravan Park opened and I am very happy with the results…I am very conscious of wanting to use an environmentally friendly product and it has been worth re-educating our cleaning staff so that our envirocycle runs well and the surrounding environment and staff are safe…I have been very grateful to the staff at Insight Environmental for their service. They have provided literature to us to help educate our cleaning staff and  given advice when problems have occurred…”

    Ola Hobin, Owner Bedford Gardens Caravan Park, Rubyvale - QLD

  • "I would like to congratulate Insight Environmental on their product. Since I have been using Ecocare Activator in my septic tank, the problems of the past have disappeared. The previous years of blocked drains, over-flowing, seepage in tanks, etc; have gone. Bad odours and reoccurring problems have ceased."

    Peter Perry Narrabri - NSW

  • “We are an award-winning café-restaurant, between Townsville and Ingham, and we are on a septic system. We used to have problems with blockages and we had to get it pumped out about six times a year! Now that we use Ecocare Activator we only get it pumped out once a year… During tourist season, we can have many as up to 300 people using the toilets in one day, so it was embarrassing when the tanks were full and we had a lot of people…We pour Ecocare Activator down the toilets and the kitchen sink, after all the dishes are done and we’ve cleaned up the premises.. Now, we never get problems anymore... Using your product has saved us the inconvenience and costs of fixing blocked drains and pump outs…”

    Alf Poefinger, Owner Frosty Mango Café/Restaurant - QLD

  • “I first started using Ecocare Activator a few years ago, after I saw your advertisement in the Weekly Times.  We were building a new home in Forrest and we were told we needed an eco-friendly cleaner that would be suitable for our newly installed aerated water treatment plant. . I now use Ecocare Activator everywhere in my home and I don’t have any other cleaning products anymore…. The biggest benefit of Ecocare Activator is that it replaces multiple products. More importantly, cleaning with it protects our wastewater system. Otherwise, if we mess the whole system up, it will be expensive to fix. In my experience, the staff at Insight Environmental has provided very good service. We get it delivered to our post office box here and that works very well for us. Delivery is always very prompt…”

    Deborah Payton Colac - VIC

  • “I am an old lady of 85...............and 35kms from the nearest business centre. I have been using your product for over a decade. During that period I have had no occasion to use the services of a plumber. Drains run freely, never is there an offensive odour and the septic system works perfectly. I don’t even have to remember to pre-order. Your efficient company ensures I have an adequate supply of your product.”

    Name supplied but not displayed. Morundah - NSW

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