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Leisure Industry

From the expectations of patrons to the demands of health regulations, few businesses are subject to such stringent expectations from patrons and the demands of health and hygiene regulations as the leisure and hospitality industry. This industry includes hotels, resorts, caravan parks, road houses, wineries - in fact anywhere that services the public.

Clean hygienic premises are essential and smelly toilets, blocked drains, clogged grease traps and overflowing waste systems are all issues that impact on the success of your business.

Septics and other on-site wastewater management systems have become increasing sophisticated but seasonal fluctuations in population numbers and excessive grease and fat from drains and grease traps can place a heavy burden on waste systems installed in restaurants,caravan parks, hotels and other leisure and hospitality establishments.

And food preparation areas, communal showers, ablution blocks and other public facilities create a high consumption of cleaning product, including sanitisers.

The two don’t always mix. Harsh cleaners and a system under stress from heavy usage and excessive waste can compromise septic or treatment plant efficiency.

The first signs of this are offensive odours from toilets, urinals and other areas leading into the waste system. Eventually blockages occur, leading to ‘slow’ toilets, clogged drains...and eventually blockages and out of specification discharges.

Left untreated this can lead to costly remedial maintenance or repairs, complaints from the neighbouring community and dissatisfied customers and visitors.

It is important to use the right approach to restore your waste system to good health and keep it healthy.

We’ll work alongside you to diagnose the cause, provide advice, specialist products from our Ecocare range and the necessary support to solve your immediate problems and then help you maintain all parts of your waste management system in optimal health.

We will ensure our solutions:

  • are simple and cost-effective
  • destroy odours and dissolves blockages
  • save you time and money on labour, repairs and maintenance
  • minimise disruption for visitors and clients
  • extend  the life of existing infrastructure and enables your waste system to cope with seasonal fluctuations in load
  • keep you within EPA and other government guidelines
  • reduce OHS risks and create a cleaner, fresher environment for everyone using the facilities.

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