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And this is what our residential customers have to say…

"I am writing to recommend your product, Ecocare Activator, to others who may have problems with their septic or leach drain. I purchased Activator 4 months ago as I had a problem with odour; a build up of fats; blockages in my seepage drains and wetness at the surface of my trench. I had been told by the plumber that it would cost me a fortune to replace my entire system. However, that is no longer necessary as the trench is now dry and running well – and the odours are gone. I could not speak more highly of Activator. We also love the product as a cleaner and use it for everything, from the bathroom to timber floors. It works out very economical. I am recommending Activator to all my neighbours, and would be happy to speak to anyone who has queries about how well Activator works."

Russell Marsh Mudgee - NSW

"Ecocare Activator is an absolutely wonderful cleaning  product. We have use in the drains (toilet, shower, spar etc.), and it has been great. I have even used it on my stainless steal oven, stove sinks, benches, laminated benches and they have came up cleaner than any other product I have ever used. I have even cleaned the inside of our microwave completely with no problem, just sprayed the inside right through, waited then wiped out. I would be one very fussy person when it becomes to cleaning products. The best product and the only one in my house for cleaning! I just have my Spray bottle and cloth and it takes me 5 minutes for the kitchen and dining room etc , as for the house half to an hour for the whole house ( with a bucket and a mop). THANKYOU"

Debbie Godfrey Rosedale - QLD 4674

"This product has improved my septic system. The drains have also been cleaned out by the Ecocare Activator. Our tree roots seemed to have disappeared and our odour problem has gone. All this is helping my system. I live in a build up area so I am having no more problems with the neighbours. Thank you!"

Fred Porter Glenrowan - VIC

"Thanks for the container of activator much welcomed. There are still some good helpful people around the country. It is good to know that people in Western Australia think of people in Queensland. I feel very sorry for those people that lost their homes in the bush fires. I got the activator the same day I got the bill."  

Marge Walther Lowood - QLD

"This is a great product. I have a kitchen sink that is lower than the rest of the house plumbing so it runs really slow. This of course makes it easy for smelly blockages. Activator is the only thing that makes it run at all. This is also a fantastic cleaner in the kitchen. It breaks down fat incredibly well. After 30 years of trying to find that one product that works well on stove tops, my pet hate, this is it. I honestly cannot live without Activator. I love it!"

Donna Newman Lake King - WA

"I have been using Activator for about 5 years and my appreciation has not waved at all. It is the only product that cleans the older aluminum frames, and its use is so universal. Since I started using activator the kitchen drains has not been blocked by fat build up and the septic tank lasts longer between emptying. I have introduced my family to Activators properties and they are also very pleased with its performance."

Christina Dwyer Elleker - WA

"I didn’t have any problems with my septic tank, but the GREASETRAP in the old house in which I am living was getting smellier and smellier, and I knew I had to do something about it.  When reading your ads for Activator, I felt sceptical and kept shying away from such a purchase on my very low income. When the smell became unacceptable I took the plunge and -insisting on an environmentally friendly product -    I decided to try Activator. Initially it did not seem to work, over several months I used up the whole container following the instructions to the letter... seemingly to no avail -  and when your staff rang me for feedback I reported failure to solve the problem. Well - I'd like to RETRACT that and let you know that a fortnight later, (I had thought no more of it) I suddenly realised when the washing up water from the kitchen sink went down the drain, that the greasetrap smell was almost completely gone!  Silent but deadly the Activator had gone to work on what was a very longstanding problem and it even did the job without me having the greasetrap emptied before starting the treatment. The great thing is that now the amount needed for maintenance is not great, so the product becomes quite economical.  For around $8.50 a week the greasetrap will keep working as it should, not needing to be emptied any more, and to me its really worth that!!  Although my septic system is problem free, I use the product as a loo cleaner too, so it also benefits the septic tank.  It has a fresh fragrance, not chemical in any way and it instantly deodorises anything it comes in contact with.
Thank you Insight Environmental for coming up with the recipe for Activator - Its good stuff - worth every cent and I would unreservedly recommend it!"

Anna- Marijke McGough Deepwater - NSW 

"I would like to congratulate Insight Environmental on their product. Since I have been using Ecocare Activator in my septic tank, the problems of the past have disappeared. The previous years of blocked drains, over-flowing, seepage in tanks, etc; have gone. Bad odours and reoccurring problems have ceased."

Peter Perry Narrabri - NSW 

“I first started using Ecocare Activator a few years ago, after I saw your advertisement in the Weekly Times.  We were building a new home in Forrest and we were told we needed an eco-friendly cleaner that would be suitable for our newly installed aerated water treatment plant. . I now use Ecocare Activator everywhere in my home and I don’t have any other cleaning products anymore…. The biggest benefit of Ecocare Activator is that it replaces multiple products. More importantly, cleaning with it protects our wastewater system. Otherwise, if we mess the whole system up, it will be expensive to fix. In my experience, the staff at Insight Environmental has provided very good service. We get it delivered to our post office box here and that works very well for us. Delivery is always very prompt…”

Deborah Payton Colac - VIC

“I am very pleased with my purchase of Ecocare Activator. It is an excellent product for cleaning. When we first got it, I dosed our grease trap, drain and septic system to give the drains a good clean. Since then, I have been using Activator for almost everything... I have always been careful in what I use, so I do not get problems with the septic.. I own plenty of stainless steel equipment and it cleans stainless steel so beautifully. It also cleans the insides of my oven and my glass cooking stove really well. I found it great for spot-wiping, especially when I do not want to mop the floor. I have dogs so it is important that I use a cleaning product that is safe for them…. Ecocare Activator is very economical and one of my best buys ever..”

Ingrid Romer Nanango - QLD 

“I am an old lady of 85...............and 35kms from the nearest business centre. I have been using your product for over a decade. During that period I have had no occasion to use the services of a plumber. Drains run freely, never is there an offensive odour and the septic system works perfectly. I don’t even have to remember to pre-order. Your efficient company ensures I have an adequate supply of your product.”

Name supplied but not displayed. Morundah - NSW

“I have used Ecocare Activator for well over 10 years and found it to be surprisingly effective and versatile.  Not only does it clean just about everything, it is effective in keeping my septic tank free of odours.  I consider the product to represent good value for money and I recommend it.  The service and follow up from Insight Environmental is first class!”

Roger Martin Devonport – TAS

“Over twelve months ago the service report from our Biolytix septic system said we would need a rebuild.  After seeing my neighbours results from using Ecocare Activator in their septic system I decided to give Ecocare Activator a go in my Biolytix system.  After our service the plumber reported the system is working well, worms still alive, pipes clear and no fat build up. I am very happy as I saved thousands of dollars by purchasing Ecocare Activator.” 

Robin Shepperson Yengarie - QLD

“We had tried everything and a number of products to eliminate the terrible smell of our recycled septic system which was most embarrassing.  Then I rang Ecocare who's professional advice was second to none taking the time truly understand our problem.  They recommended Ecocare Activator for our system which is also a multi purpose cleaner and deodorizer which can replace all your cleaning products as well.

Within a couple of days the smell had gone as well as all the other expensive cleaning products as now l only use the one product for all my cleaning needs and couldn't be happier with the outcome. I cannot recommend this product highly enough along with the great customer service feedback and follow up we received. 

Well done guys, we are very happy customers.”

Sandra Pennington Barmah - VIC

“I am happy to recommend Ecocare Activator.  It is cost efficient,  cleans wonderfully well, and our septic system and environment benefit.  I use this for all cleaning in the kitchen, including my cook top, and sink, as it is a very efficient degreaser.  It is the only product I use in the toilet and bathroom, and  try to follow the instructions to maximise the benefits for our septic system. A pump bottle lives in each area and I replenish this fortnightly.

Ecocare Activator has almost eliminated the need to buy any other cleaning product. Less plastic and clutter is a real bonus.  It is an excellent product, and the helpful staff are very happy to assist in any way.”

Cristina Parsons Harwood - NSW

“Just wanted to let you know that I have been using Ecocare Activator for several years and now can't be without it.  I initially bought it to correct a smelly Waste Treatment (all waste from the house goes into this) system that got out of whack using other cleaners.  I dilute the Ecocare Activator in a spray bottle and now use it for everything, toilets, basins, baths, extra dirty/greasy dishes, windows, paintwork, microwave, oven, sink, mirrors, floors, cleaning up after grand dogs visit, spray and wipe soft furniture to remove odours  etc etc… You can even soak greasy, bloody clothing and it all comes clean.  The Waste Treatment system hasn't had a problem since using Ecocare Activator in the house.

We have a small farm and recently needed to clean out the cool room, usually a nasty job, but with Ecocare Activator I sprayed it all down, left it for 30 mins and then scrubbed it all down.  Even the worst of stains came away and left it sparkling clean and odour free.

I would recommend Ecocare Activator to everyone.”

Sandra Macalister Alexandra - VIC

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