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Qweller A

  • Effectively cleans pens, sheds and equipment.
  • Destroys urine odours on contact.
  • Minimises odours experienced by neighbours.
  • Reduces crusting and suspended solids in ponds.
  • Compensates for harsh chemicals entering ponds.
  • Assists meeting strict wastewater restrictions.
  • Boosts waste breakdown in ponds, dams and waste treatment plants.
  • Reduces need for excavation.












What is Qweller A?

Qweller A is a multi-purpose product specially designed for agribusiness applications. Packed with boosters and surface active agents, Qweller A enhances the growth of the native microbial community to promote the efficient breakdown of waste in the ponds, lagoons and dams. Qweller A also cuts through grease, fat and solid build-up, whilst simultaneously targeting odour causing molecules, providing an effective and efficient cleaner.

Made of non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, Qweller A is safe for use around animals and staff, minimising contamination risk while promoting a safe and healthy work culture.

For severe applications, we recommend using the complete Qweller range. Our consultants will assist in determining a tailored solution for your situation.  

Where can I use Qweller A?

Qweller A is uniquely designed for use with ponds, dams and wastewater treatment processes used in farming and processing animals and plants. Where environmental concerns are critical to the continual function of the business, Qweller A will assist in ensuring your waste treatment processes meet the demands of your operation as well as councils and government bodies.

By introducing Qweller A into your regular maintenance routine, Qweller A will get to work clearing odours and fighting blockages that may otherwise stall production or create an unsafe environment for workers and animals alike. Used upstream of waste treatment processes, Qweller A can be used to replace harsh chemical cleaners that are leading to issues downstream. As an effective commercial cleaner, it cuts through fats and oil deposits, clearing grime and dirt and ensuring a clean surface and workplace.

As Qweller A is washed down the drains, it continues to work at breaking down build ups and managing blockages within your drains. Once it reaches the waste treatment system, bacteria quickly break down the waste and the product, releasing the vital nutrients that boost their growth and ensure a healthy and thriving system. By releasing nutrients, it further improves the value of your effluent for reuse.

The Benefits of Qweller A

  • Improve discharge quality of water
  • Improve water quality for irrigation
  • Prevent sprinkler/irrigation blockages
  • Eliminate odour and prevents it returning
  • Compensate for damage caused by harmful chemical cleaners and sanitizers
  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Safe and easy to use

Packaging options

Qweller A is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 10, 20 or 200 litre containers. Application rates are dependent on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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MSDS Qweller A

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