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Clean Scene Home

The Clean Scene Home range has been developed to deliver efficient, cost effective results. Equally importantly it has been formulated, and tested, to minimise the impact of household products on the functioning of drains, septic and other types of wastewater systems – and on the wider environment.

Clean Scene DishoMatic

Clean Scene DishoMatic is a non-caustic, phosphate-free, fully biodegradable liquid with a non-foaming formulation for use in all automatic machines. This product has been formulated for both hard and soft water, making DishoMatic perfect for use in rural and remote areas.

Clean Scene Laundry Wash

Clean Scene Laundry Wash is a highly effective liquid laundry detergent that has been fully tested to show compatibility with septic and aerated treatment systems.  It contains powerful grease-removing surfactants, optical brightener and water-softening agents to guarantee premium cleaning under all conditions, including soft and hard water.  It is suitable for both top and front loading machines.

Packaging options

All the above products come as convenient concentrates in 5 Litre containers.

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MSDS Clean Scene Dishomatic

MSDS Clean Scene Laundry Wash

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