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Clean Scene Urinal Pellets

Used in public facilities, schools and luxury resorts, Clean Scene Urinal Pellets destroy the most stubborn urine odours quickly, easily and cost effectively. Developed specifically for use with waste treatment systems, Clean Scene Urinal Pellets fight bad smells, deodorise drains and freshen urinal troughs.

Our Clean Scene Urinal Pellets do not just mask the odours but eliminate their source, effectively removing uric acid build up in drains and pipes. Continual use ensures they do not return and the waste stream is not harmful further downstream. 

Where are Clean Scene Urinal Pellets used?

  • Public toilets and urinals
  • Urinals in school and other government facilities
  • Bathrooms in remote areas and locations where wastewater systems are required

Why use Clean Scene Urinal Pellets?

  • Destroys odour on contact rather than masking
  • Removes organic stains
  • Cleans and freshens
  • Compatible with septics and wastewater treatment systems
  • Creates a safe and healthy environment
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Australian Made

How do Clean Scene Urinal Pellets work?

The odour from urinals is caused by bacteria, which feed on the built up uric acid on the inside of urinal drains. Clean Scene Urinal Pellets completely oxidise the uric acid, denying the odour-causing bacteria a food source in which to breed and multiply. They contain no harsh chemicals, which make them ideal for use in schools where children’s health and safety are of utmost concern.

The end result is completely odour-free urinals!

Packaging options

Clean Scene Urinal Pellets are available in 10 kg pales with a soft floral scent.

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MSDS Clean Scene Pellets

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