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Insight Dosing System

Automated dosing systems provide product regularly at the best rate and time. The optimum results are achieved, ensuring consistent conditions with less room for human error and simplicity for the operator. Insight Environmental provide these dosing systems pre-programmed to the required specifications.


  • wet wells
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • grease traps
  • dairies
  • long drop toilets
  • other biological treatment applications
  • wherever Insight Environmental provide waste treatment or odour control products

Reasons our clients use the Insight Dosing System 

  • safe, proven, cost effective
  • removes the need for manual labour
  • ensures product is being used correctly with no waste
  • can be a part of a preventative maintenance programme
  • easy installation, programming  and setting up procedure
  • customised to needs

Technical features

  • large LCD display showing hours, day of the week and function programming
  • 100mls per minute dosage rates
  • splash resistant ABS enclosure
  • day and week programming
  • lithium battery providing 5 years of programmed memory
  • 240v AC or 12v DC battery operated


  • 1 flexible PVC suction hose x 5m
  • 1 semi rigid polyethylene hose x 400mm
  • wall fixing screws
  • spare squeeze tube

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