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Insight Culture Cell

The Insight Culture Cell is a compact system programmed to cultivate large quantities of bacteria on-site for plants in need of start up or for improving the biological processes.

The Insight Culture Cell produces specific microorganisms ready to dose into a system.  It is a self contained unit delivered to site pre-programmed for site specific needs and provides continuous or periodic dosing – whichever suit the site conditions. All you need in addition to the Cell is a pressurised water supply and a power source.


  • municipal and industrial wastewater plants (seeding and augmentation)
  • effluent ponds
  • pre-treatment of waste streams

What is it used for?

The Culture Cell propagates and doses bacteria for:

  • wastewater pre-treatment and removal of BOD
  • repopulating a system that is depleted of bacteria
  • removal of H2S
  • reduction of cellulose and aids solids management
  • reduction of grease and fats
  • ammonia/nitrite removal
  • reduction of Nitrate levels
  • hydrocarbon digestion
  • customised solutions for plant maintenance problems

Reasons our clients use the Insight Culture Cell

  • exceptionally cost effective
  • enhances plant efficiency
  • compensates for waste treatment plant load variations
  • avoids or defers expensive plant expansion and upgrades.
  • safe and easy to use
  • delivered pre-programmed and ready for use
  • runs unattended
  • designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions

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