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Insight Remote Location Pod

Robust, reliable, automated and self standing, the Insight Remote Location Pod has been designed for the dosing of our environmentally responsible waste treatment products in remote or difficult locations.

The Remote Location Pod is a compact fully automated treatment system for pond systems, septics, long drop toilets, drainpipes and grease traps. It is designed for use in remote locations where service and support is sporadic, difficult to organise or expensive. The Pod is timed to dose the required amount of products without the need for electrical power, and with no need to examine or refill it with product for six months.

The Remote Pod is designed to be tamper resistant and unobtrusive and has been engineered to reduce the time spent on installation and maintenance.


  • septic systems and long drop toilets
  • grease traps and drains
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • mines and agricultural applications
  • industrial sites

What is it used for?

  • treatment and prevention of blockages and odours
  • maintenance of waste systems in optimal condition
  • to reduce need for pump outs
  • reduction in overall maintenance cost

Reasons our clients use the Insight Remote Location Pod

  • overall cost saving
  • reliable, proven and effective
  • safe, tamper proof and unobtrusive
  • easy to install and refill (takes only a few minutes)
  • delivers the right dose at the right time
  • customised to individual location
  • environmentally safe
  • Australian Made

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