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Ecocare Culture AB

  • Wide range of bacteria for the breakdown of organic waste.
  • Ensures a high population of the proper type of bacteria for waste breakdown.
  • Clears odours due to improper waste breakdown.
  • Improves biological oxygen demand (BOD) and total suspended solids (TSS).
  • Rapid seeding and stabilisation of waste systems.
  • Enhancement of systems suffering overloading, variable loading and high strength waste.
  • Compensates exposure to high loads of disinfectants and chemicals.












What is Ecocare Culture AB?

Ecocare Culture AB provides a broad range of Group 1 (low risk) bacteria that ensures the breakdown of a wide range of organic wastes found in treatment systems and ponds.

Containing live bacteria, Ecocare Culture AB goes to work straight away, breaking down waste and multiplying, maintaining a healthy population and clearing blockages and odours.

Where can I use Ecocare Culture AB?

Most wastewater treatment plants experience variable loading during different periods of the day or season. In busy periods, overloading or high strength waste may enter the treatment system, leading to toxic shock and poor effluent characteristics that can cause odours, blockages and other operational issues affecting users and technicians alike. Ecocare Culture AB helps manage these peak periods by ensuring the right bacteria are available in high numbers, stabilising plant performance and ensuring efficient breakdown.

In new systems, the addition of Ecocare Culture AB accelerates the establishment of bacterial populations, rapidly stabilising the system and clearing odours associated with start up. It assists to maximise the efficiency of organic decomposition and substantially enhance existing biological processes.

Where ponds and systems are affected by regular upstream use of disinfectants and chemicals, Ecocare Culture AB compensates for bacterial death and ensure a healthy population is maintained.

Ecocare Culture AB can be used in septics, AWTS, waste treatment plants and effluent ponds.

The Benefits of Ecocare Culture AB

  • Restore and stabilise failing waste treatment systems
  • Assist systems that experience variable loading
  • Safe and easy to use, ideal for seeding systems in remote areas
  • Enhance plant efficiency
  • Maintains a healthy and odour-free environment
  • Ensure effluent consistently meets regulations

Packaging options

Ecocare Culture AB is supplied as liquid concentrate in 10, 20 and 200 litre containers.

Application rates are dependent on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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