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Ecocare Balance

  • Boosts nitrate removal
  • Compensates systems suffering toxic shock
  • Counters pin floc and associated foaming issues
  • Improves sludge settling performance
  • Dense carbon, nitrogen and nutrient source for biological breakdown
  • Superior cold weather performance
  • Safe and easy to use

What is Ecocare Balance?

Ecocare Balance is an activated sludge feed additive designed specifically for use as a carbon, nitrogen, phosphate and essential nutrients source for biological contaminant removal applications. Ecocare Balance provides essential minerals, amino acids and vitamins, which are essential for cell synthesis.

Where can I use Ecocare Balance?

Ecocare Balance is used in various wastewater treatment systems and plants to assist in combating variable and infrequent loading. For systems that have high nitrates but very low loads, Ecocare Balance will ensure the right balance of nutrients are available for the breakdown of nitrates to conform with regulations.

Wastewater technicians and operators also use Ecocare Balance to assist in seeding a waste treatment system that suffers from toxic shock or is newly commissioned. By providing vital nutrients from the start, bacterial populations quickly establish, inhibiting poor sludge characteristics and poor breakdown.

The Benefits of Ecocare Balance

Ecocare Balance will improve waste breakdown by:

  • Providing essential nutrients that assist nitrification and nitrate removal
  • Boosting bacterial population, inhibiting filamentous bacteria and countering foam formation 
  • Compensating for systems that have suffered toxic shock and variable loading conditions

Packaging options

Ecocare Balance is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 10, 20 or 200 litre containers.

Dosage rates are dependent on a number of factors. We will advise you of the quantities required for your particular situation and provide tailored instructions. 

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