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Ecocare Corrosion Control

  • Reduces and inhibits production of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) gas.
  • Lowers maintenance costs of infrastructure prone to corrosion (e.g. concrete and steel).
  • Clears malodours associated with H2S gas.
  • Overcomes OH&S problems associated with sulphuric acid and H2S gas.
  • Effective in harsh conditions.
  • Environmentally sustainable solution.
  • Boosts downstream biological processes.

What is Ecocare Corrosion Control?

Ecocare Corrosion Control is a product designed to combat the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas in a variety of waste systems. 

In anaerobic conditions, sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) cause the formation of hydrogen sulphide gas and sulphuric acid, the leading cause of infrastructure corrosion and malodours in sewer lines. Ecocare Corrosion Control is made of low risk, Group 1, extremophiles (microorganisms that thrive in extreme conditions) that outperform SRB, inhibiting the formation of these dangerous compounds.

Where can I use Ecocare Corrosion Control?

In pump stations and sewer lines, often wastewater is stagnant with little dissolved oxygen present. These conditions encourage SRB to flourish, producing hydrogen sulphide gas that can lead to serious OH&S concerns and serious infrastructure damage. Regular maintenance operations are impeded due to health risks and odours can cause local residents to raise complaints.

Thankfully, council operators and maintenance personnel now have Ecocare Corrosion Control as an active maintenance solution for guarding against steel and concrete degradation and H2S malodours. By significantly reducing the production of hydrogen sulphide gas, the longevity of infrastructure is improved and the environment is safer for maintenance staff during routine operations.  

The Benefits of Ecocare Corrosion Control

  • Improve overall safety for operators, workers and general public
  • Lower ongoing infrastructure costs
  • Clear malodours that are affecting workers and surrounding neighbours
  • Reduce associated treatment issues downstream
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Safe and easy to use

Packaging options

Ecocare Corrosion Control is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 1L containers.

Dosage rates are dependent on a number of factors. We will advise you of the quantities required for your particular situation and provide tailored instructions. 

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MSDS Ecocare Corrosion Control

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