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Ecocare Culture Nx

  • Specifically targets and breaks down nitrates.
  • Compensates for excessive nitrates from cleaning products and fertiliser run off.
  • Reduces possibility of eutrophication and algal blooms downstream due to poor effluent.
  • Reduces likelihood of sludge bulking.
  • Alleviates problems associated with small anoxic zones.

What is Ecocare Culture Nx?

Ecocare Culture Nx is a bacterial additive that reduces nitrate levels in wastewater treatment plants and waste lagoons.  Ecocare Culture Nx introduces specialty bacteria that can assist in the breakdown of nitrates. Regular maintenance with Ecocare Culture Nx ensures a high population of good bacteria, ensuring nitrate levels conform to regulations.

Ecocare Culture Nx is made up of low risk, Group 1 bacterial species and is a safe product.

Where can I use Ecocare Culture Nx?

Within wastewater treatment plants and pond systems, anoxic zones exist to allow denitrifying bacteria to breakdown nitrates. Systems with insufficient anoxic zones struggle to combat fluctuating and high levels of nitrates, leading to poor effluent quality and sludge bulking.

Furthermore, many cleaning products that end up in the wastewater contain additional nitrates that can quickly pollute and overwhelm existing bacteria. While Ecocare Culture Nx will solve your immediate nitrate problems, we recommend using our system safe cleaners for a long-term sustainable cleaning solution for your system.

Fertilizer run off from agricultural zones is also a common cause of high nitrate levels within wastewater. With excess nitrates, the nitrification/denitrification cycle is compromised, affecting total nitrogen breakdown.

Ecocare Culture Nx will combat high nitrate levels, restoring balance to systems and ensuring a better effluent quality.

The Benefits of Ecocare Culture Nx

  • Effectively reduce nitrate levels in discharge
  • Restore balance to nitrification/denitrification cycles
  • Prevent excessive nutrients entering waterways causing eutrophication
  • Safe and easy to apply

Packaging options

Ecocare Culture Nx is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 10, 20 or 200 litre containers.

Dosage rates are dependent on a number of factors. We will advise you of the quantities required for your particular situation and provide tailored instructions.

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SDS Ecocare Culture Nx

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