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Ecocare HC-Plus

  • Efficient breakdown of hydrocarbons.
  • Overcome issues associated with harmful bacteria proliferation due to hydrocarbon contaminants.
  • Enhances plant efficiency and operations.
  • Effective and efficient solution for one-off or irregular incidents.
  • Reduces risk of fugitive discharges/poor waste indicators.
  • Remediate effects of toxic shock due to waste pollution.

What is Ecocare HC-Plus?

Ecocare HC-Plus is our advanced formulation of microorganisms that aggressively breakdown aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons (e.g. BTEXs, gasoline, kerosene, diesel, mineral oil, aviation fuel and Fats, Oil and Greases (FOG)). Petroleum based hydrocarbons and FOG waste are notoriously difficult to degrade via conventional biological methods. Ecocare HC-Plus contains Group 1 (low risk) archaeal microorganisms that use novel metabolic pathways to remove hydrocarbon wastes, showing great efficacy in various waste treatment systems. Ecocare HC-Plus can be used as part of an incident response or part of a maintenance routine for systems experiencing ongoing contamination.

Where can I use Ecocare HC-Plus?

Ecocare HC-Plus can be used to treat waste issues in hydrocarbon contaminated sites, waste treatment plants, marine vessel bilges, processing and oil and gas industries.

Waste treatment systems handle minor fluctuations in process variables and loading on a daily basis. When an accident or spillage occurs upstream of the waste system, the impacts can be far reaching, especially when FOG and hydrocarbon waste is involved. If left untreated, these contaminants can affect the efficiency of the system and even cause toxic shock leading to mass bacterial death.

Thankfully Ecocare HC-Plus can help operators to quickly and safely remediate the problem. Filled with live microorganisms, Ecocare HC-Plus works immediately at breaking down the toxic waste into safe and harmless products, reverting system conditions and allowing bacterial populations to re-establish.

The Benefits of Ecocare HC-Plus

  • Improve wastewater quality and treatment
  • Reduce disposal costs of wastewater
  • Combat rogue contaminants affecting treatment system performance
  • Clear odours associated with improper breakdown
  • Easy and efficient treatment
  • Ensure infrastructure is unaffected by blockages of fats and greases
  • Simple and easy maintenance program for ongoing poor influent
  • Safe and easy to use

Packaging Options

Ecocare HC-Plus is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 1L containers.

Application rates are dependent on a number of factors and we will advise you of the most suitable size for your needs.

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SDS Ecocare HC Plus

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