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Ecocare Shield HC

The Ecocare Shield is a hydrocarbon digester that clears up effluent streams by attracting hydrocarbons in the water, locking them in and breaking htem down in-situ. The Shield is designed as a final barrier/insurace against fugitve discharge/spills and promotes high quality water discharge. Furthermore the Shield is designed to float in water and is tethered in place to provide a barrier to oil suspended in water from entering the waterways or effluent ponds.

What can you use Ecocare Shield HC for?

The Ecocare Shield HC is unique in that it clarifies the effluent stream of hydrocarbons by

  • attracting the oil
  • absorbing and locking oils in
  • breaking down the oil in-situ

Benefits of using the Ecocare Shield HC?

The Ecocare Shield HC has many benefits including:

  • insurance against fugitive spills
  • barrier for environmental protection
  • peace of mind
  • cost effectiveness
  • safe and easy to use
  • Australian made

Where is the Ecocare Shield HC used?

The Ecocare Shield HC can be used in any business that uses or maintains machinery, equipment or vehicle fleets

  • boat bilges
  • workshops and wash-down bays
  • interceptors
  • traps
  • effluenet ponds
  • pump stations

The Ecocare Shield HC can also be used in any processing industry where oils or fats are the by-product

  • wood processing/essence and oil extraction
  • oil refining, fuel transfers
  • mining and power industries
  • food and chemical processing
  • agribusiness

Reasons our clients use our Shield HC:

  • Promotes high quality water discharge
  • Treats fugitive discharge and spill problems
  • A safeguard against fines or prosecution
  • Prevent inadvertent release of hydrocarbons into the environment
  • Efficient and economical
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Made in Australia.

Packaging options

The Ecocare Shield HC can be made to measure depending on your needs.

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