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Ecocare Sludge-Plus

  • Improve solids management in ponds and water bodies with high vegetative matter.
  • Rapid re-establishment of pond conditions, restoring healthy conditions for aquatic organisms.
  • Reduces fouling of pumps and aerators due to excess sludge.
  • Counters effects of nutrient build up.
  • Reduces sludge volume.
  • Safe for use with established ecosystems.

What is Ecocare Sludge-Plus?

Ecocare Sludge-Plus is designed to enhance biomass and improve organic sludge breakdown, in particular leaf litter, detritus and other similar organic matter found in open air ponds. Ecocare Sludge-Plus contains microorganisms and extremophiles (microorganisms that thrive in extreme conditions) that will aid in increasing sludge compactness by accelerating the decomposition of organic solids including cellulose. Ecocare Sludge-Plus is useful in a wide range of applications where vegetation and plant matter occurs.   

Ecocare Sludge-Plus is made of Grade 1 (low risk) bacteria and is a safe product. 

Where can I use Ecocare Sludge-Plus?

Over time, all ponds experience an accumulation of sludge waste due to variable loadings of leaf litter, detritus and other plant matter that naturally fall into open-air ponds. Overstocking and overfeeding ponds can also promote a build up of organic sludge that reduces the available pond volume and increases the chances of the natural ecosystem becoming unbalanced. This leads to clogged filters, reduced oxygen and excess nutrients that encourage the proliferation of algae and the production of toxic contaminants such as ammonia and hydrogen sulphide that impact fish and sea culture health.

Ecocare Sludge-Plus provides beneficial microorganisms that will effectively breakdown the sludge and detritus to water and carbon dioxide; and consume nutrients to restore balance to the system. Ecocare Sludge-Plus effectively increases sludge compactness, reducing volume and ensuring the effects on the system are minimised. Also, by continually consuming nutrients in the water, the chances of algal blooms occurring are reduced.

The Benefits of Ecocare Sludge-Plus

  • Restore a healthy and stable ecosystem
  • Improve health and welfare of existing organisms
  • Increase available pond volume by condensing sludge
  • Reduce need for frequent desludging
  • Lower chance of algal blooms
  • Clear malodours resulting from improper breakdown
  • Does not affect the existing biota in pond
  • Safe and easy to use

Packaging Options

Ecocare Sludge-Plus is supplied as a liquid concentrate in 1L containers.

Application rates are dependent on a number of factors. We can advise you of the most suitable volume for your particular needs.

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