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When considering what is best for your animals, ensuring they have a healthy and clean environment is certainly a number one priority. It is important to consider a product that can effectively clean up waste and urine and the odours associated while making sure you and your animals are safe.

Qwellerpet is extremely effective at cleaning and deodorising, cutting through the grit and grime that can be the source of lingering animal odour. Qwellerpet can be used on a range of surfaces from soft furnishing through to hard surfaces such as concrete, thereby saving the hassle and cost of purchasing multiple cleaning products.

Why choose Qwellerpet?

  • Destroys odours wherever animals have been
  • Creates a safe and healthy environment
  • Safe for use around animals and children
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • ‘Septic’ and environmentally friendly
  • Australian made
  • Commercial grade cleaner – used by breeders and boarding kennels and catteries

Where can I use Qwellerpet?

Qwellerpet can be used for solving waste and odour problems on:

  • All hard surfaces
  • External areas including paving, concrete, artificial grass areas
  • Soft furnishing including carpet, bedding, upholstery

How does Qwellerpet work?

Qwellerpet does not simply mask odours; it eliminates them every time you clean.  Supplied as a liquid concentrate, dilute at up to 1 in 20 for spraying and wiping away dirt and ground in grime. Qwellerpet traps volatile odour causing compounds and by wiping away the product, you effectively clear away the waste.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, you can be reassured that Qwellerpet is safe for regular use around your pets, home and garden.

Packaging options

Qwellerpet is supplied as a convenient liquid concentrate. It is available in 2-litre or 5-litre Cleaning Kits. Larger sizes are also available and attract significant discounts. Please also ask us about our new lemon fragrance. 

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SDS Qwellerpet

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