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Ecocare Activator

The most widely used product in the Ecocare range, Ecocare Activator provides your home with genuine TOTAL TREATMENT protection as it Cleans, Clears and Conditions, all in one go! 

Waste systems rely on a balance of naturally occurring bacteria to break down waste efficiently. Heavy usage, build up of grease and fat and the use of harsh cleaners and detergents can quickly kill off ‘good’ bacteria and upset the balance of your system. With too few bacteria, or the wrong type your septics efficiency drops dramatically.  Smells develop, waste is left unconsumed, and blockages become more frequent.

Ecocare Activator is a scientifically developed blend of natural ingredients, grease dispersants and biological stimulants that kills odours on contact, cuts through grime, breaks down grease and fat, and restores and maintains a healthy bacterial balance in your septic or onsite treatment plant.

Why use Ecocare Activator?

  • destroys odours, dissolves blockages, restores drainage and reduces the frequency of pump outs. 
  • restores absorption trenchs, therefore saving expensive repairs 
  • cleaning capabilities replace need for harmful cleaning chemicals
  • ongoing use ensures you receive no nasty surprises
  • quick and easy applications
  • creates a safe and healthy environment for you and your family
  • non toxic and biodegradable
  • Australian made

Where can you use Ecocare Activator?

Ecocare Activator can be used for solving and preventing problems in:

  • septic systems and absorption trenches 
  • on-site treatment plants and irrigation lines
  • grease traps
  • drains and greywater systems

How does Ecocare Activator work?

Quick, safe and simple to use, Ecocare Activator is supplied as a liquid concentrate. Once poured into the sink, down the toilet or into your drain Ecocare Activator goes to work at once.

As it moves through the pipes it softens and breaks down built-up residues, transforming grease and fat into small globules that can easily be digested by naturally occurring bacteria.

The unique blend of trace elements and bacterial stimulants then ensure that natures own ‘good’ bacteria have everything they need to thrive.

Blockages are removed, the breakdown of waste is accelerated, bad smells disappear, and proper drainage is restored.

And there’s more…the same characteristics that help Activator unclog drains and fix waste system problems also make it an extremely effective cleaner.

So, Ecocare Activator really is a TOTAL TREATMENT – you can CLEAN your home, CLEAR your drains and pipes and CONDITION all aspects of your waste system – all in one go!

Packaging options

Ecocare Activator is supplied as a convenient liquid concentrate. It is available in 10 litre and 20 litre containers or as a 2-litre or 5-litre Cleaning Kit. Application rates are dependant on a number of factors and we will advice you of the most suitable size for your needs. Larger volumes attract significant discounts. 

   Request a quote, letting us know what your situation is and we will advise you of your best option.  

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